The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do.

How to make money? How do you start your business? I’m young but I want to make money, what should I do? Probably are the most questions I’ve got after questions about blog, fashion and love and my answer is, “well… Just start it, du’h” and then they will hit me with another question “how?” and I’m always confused on how to answer that one. 

Have you ever heard, “when there’s a will, there’s a way” I believe people should read that line and realize if you really want something then you’ll find there’s no excuses big enough to stop you, because somehow you’ll find a way or you make a way. I’m not some sort of business guru or master on how to makes money, I’m still nothing and continuously learning and yes, I’ve got a lot to learn. One thing I’m always thanked for is how we live in time where you can basically make money without leaving your house, awesome right? And since I cannot sleep and somehow still in good mood I will share you how to (make money)

1. I want to start my business but I don’t have money to start it.
Well, make some money!
2. How?
Sell your old stuff. You must have stuff with good condition but you don’t wear anymore. 
If you’re good at drawing or design, draw something or make something the sell it (make it into a postcard, framed pictures) anything. Sell it.
If you’re not good at drawing then find someone who do, collaborate. Make something. Sell it.
3. I don’t have old stuff, cannot draw, and doesn’t have friends who can either, so how?
Too much excuses, I cannot help you, you need to help yourself first.

Moving on.
4. Where can I sell it?
Well, I have good news for you, because what do you know? You might be the next Sophia Amoruso.
So I’ve just discovered apps called shopee (if you followed me on instagram you’ll know by now that I’ve been selling my old stuff on my shopee account). People keep asking me to make garage sale for my old stuff, but I keep going back and forth about it because it’s just too much work and shopee pretty much changed that, I still can’t believe how it’s so easy and *insert snap fingers sound” just like that and bam! I turn my clutter into cash! Hohohoho…. And if you are a blogger like me I believe it’s even easier, I upload 15 items and it’s almost sold out within a day, upload more items and sold even faster, so it’s super cool.

If you ask me what is Shopee?
Shopee is a mobile marketplace where you can sell anything in a dash in less than 30 seconds, or if you more a buyer than a seller, then you can buy anything in here in 30 seconds too.
Why Shopee?
I have ongoing list why I choose shopee,
-       First it’s super easy to maintain. They provide you with seller assistant professional tool designed to help seller organize our listings, keep track of orders and manager our customer.
-       Snap the products – give all information about the products as detail as you can – upload it! As easy as that.
-       It’s easy to share on our social media (you can connect your shopee account to your facebook or your instagram).
-       They have a live chat service, where you will be able to chat with your buyer so there’s no misunderstanding.
-        It’s safe and they have this brilliant thing called Shopee guarantee, where you can receive your order or get you money back.
-       They have cool promotions, like free shipping, discounts, cool sale and if you are blogger you can join blogger garage sale and OOTD collection which will put your items on highlights
-       I save the best reason for last, with all benefits listed above you may not believe this, but Shopee is free! No download cost, no listing fee, no commission! None, nada. All free.
So that’s me as a seller, now my point of view as a buyer.
-       I love love love discount! And they give you so many cool voucher codes! Like get Rp 50.000 disc whenever you shop for Rp. 150.000! And even Rp. 100.000,- discount! Me happy! Midnight sale and many other sales!
-       Many seller give you free shipping!
-       There’s clear section for everything, snacks, clothes, shoes, games, electronics, etc.
-       They also provide you with seller’s rating, so you can choose where you want to buy stuff from (I’m always check previous customers reviews before I decide to order) and you can give your seller ratings too right after you finish ordering.
-       You can follow your favorite seller, so whenever they have new upload items you’ll be the first to know.
-        Again, it’s save! The seller will only get their payment after you confirm that you received your stuff. 

So I guess, that’s all. Conclusion is, I love how shopee make everything easy for everyone both buyer and seller. If you still need guide on how to start it you can just go to my instagram account, I share it there or simply click here to start and learn it yourself, because if I can, you can.