Strategy to Play IQ Option 99% Accurate-JB88

Strategy to Play IQ Option 99% Accurate

1. Determine Trading Assets

We start from trading assets. What is meant by trading assets? Trading assets are a list of financial instrument groups that can be traded in Binary Options. These assets can be stock, currency pairs, stock indices and commodities.
So when you start let's stop for a moment and think, what assets do you want to trade? Are currency pairs EUR / USD? what is GOOGLE shares? or different possibilities?
Suppose you haven't even had time to trade, so try starting with trading on EUR / USD assets. Because this is the most popular asset of many people in the world financial market.

2. Determine the binary options model and at closing

Just now you have determined what assets are going to be traded, then after that it determines the closing time of the asset trading binary options just now.
On IQ Options there are two binary options models. This is distinguished according to "closing time". What is meant by closing? when closing is the period of time when our transaction will be closed. The parable, if it determines the closing time of 23:00, so it means that when your trading asset purchase transaction will be closed exactly at 23:00.

When it's 23:00, so you will see whether the transaction has been profitable or vice versa. To specify when closing, can be seen in the picture below:
Suppose you click at a time (the red arrow signal in the bottom image) will be a choice when closing. Sometimes referred to as EXPIRATION (taken from the word expiry)
I myself often take advantage of the 5 minute closing period. So in this example we specify when closing is 5 minutes from now. (You are free to determine when to close whenever you want)

3. Enter the amount of money that will be invested and witness the amount of profit that will be obtained.

Assets already, at closing too. After that it is entering the amount of money that will be invested in the trading asset just now.

4. The most recent Click Up or Down

The last step is to click on the Up or Down option.
This means that if you think trading assets will go up, so click Rise if you think the trading assets will go down so click down. Here I estimate the assets will go up, so yes I click UP.

In the example that we are running, we have determined the trading assets namely EUR / USD, with the closing time of 5 minutes from now, and entering $ 10 into the amount invested and already clicking up because it predicts the asset price of EUR / USD will rise.

5. Witness whether the results of the transaction have just been Profit or Loss

It's time to see if the transaction we are running is just a profit or loss. To know it, that is by entering the iq option base and clicking on trading history.
In this example we get a successful transaction with a profit of 87% of the amount invested.


playing iq options using a pc and laptop. Suppose you are a beginner, it would be good to immediately open an account trading on iqoption. com
Steps to take advantage of IQ Option
Has it been downloaded and installed just now? Suppose you have already opened it and we will learn to know the features that exist in that application.