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Forex Strategy 100% Profit

Do you believe that there is actually a forex strategy that can be 100% profit? You must believe ...!
Previously, please distinguish between 100% win and 100% profit. When we measure an accuracy, of course there is a variable in time. That is the timeframe needed to calculate the total data to be calculated.
So, if so, because every transaction we have the possibility of winning or losing, the longer the time span for calculating data, the greater the likelihood that in that period our transactions will be defeated.

So the conclusion in a certain period of time still allows there is a strategy that has a transaction of 100% win. For 100% of this win we must focus on the quality of analysis.

What about a 100% profit strategy?

Same with the 100% win strategy, in a certain period of time there must be a strategy that can generate profits. This means that this strategy does not focus too much on each transaction, but rather focuses on the end of the period which is definitely profit.
So that the 100% profit strategy focuses more on money management


I have a strategy that in 100 weeks is definitely a profit of $ 100.

Note that here the strategy function is only to ensure that every week 100% must be $ 100 profit. Thus it doesn't matter what percentage of the winnings, what matters every week is definitely a $ 100 profit.
So you can just fill in the rules of my strategy like this:
1. Entry point uses analysis of golden kross MA
2. The target of each transaction is 10 points
3. Lot of each transaction is 0.1, so the profit of each transaction is $ 10
4. If my transaction loses, the next transaction uses the martingale system.
5. After the transaction results in the week have reached $ 100 profit. I stopped trading until the following week.
6. The next step is discipline to apply the strategy rules.
From the example above we now know that the forex strategy of 100% profit exists, it's just that it needs a time limit for using that strategy. And you can create it yourself.