How to make money online on

There is no magic solution to make money by trading with them or any broker for that matter.

Some Trader have their system and their software or bot. But you have to trust yourself, the only way you can really make money trading options (or any instrument) is by learning to trade well.

Not only is this the most realistic way to make money on but it is also the most profitable in the long term. It means that you don’t fall for scams or get rich quick schemes.

If the question was how to improve your trading, then there are a number of ways you can do this:

1. Adjust your expectations or traget. Trading binary options is not a magic bullet that will lead to endless riches. It is just like trading any other instrument in that there is risk involved and you should always be mindful of that. Have realistic goals and set them in accordance with your experience.

2. Learn the fundamentals. You cannot trade binary options or any financial derivative if you do not have an understanding of how the underlying asset itself will move. That is why it is helpful to have knowledge of how forex, equities or commodities react.

3. Spruce up your option theory. Although you don’t need to know all of the nuances of binary option pricing, having an understanding of the main inputs as well as the manner in which they react to market movements is helpful. Factors such as volatility, expiry time etc will have a great impact on the eventual trade payoff.
4.Have strategies. There are three strategies that you need to have before you can properly trade binary options. You need to have a trading strategy (be it technical, fundamental or both), a risk management strategy and a money management strategy. Each of these strategies help your long term profitability in different ways.

5. Practice: No amount of theory, strategy or plan will prepare you for actually trading. You need to trade on demo first with funds that you can top up on a regular basis. This will allow you to get a good grasp of how these operate and how profitable it is likely to be when you actually start trading. Binary option demo accounts are the best solution for you when it comes to practising your strategy.

6. Practice: A little more practice wont kill you.

7. Practice: Just for the safety of knowing that your strategy is down pat.

8. Trade on a live account: Once you are ready to take the final step and trade on a live account, you can do that. You may want to use the same platform that you were using while testing. Always monitor your strategy and be willing to adapt it if you find that it needs to be tweaked. Don’t be stubborn

Of course, these are just guidelines and you should choose wisely. Also know that there is always risk involved and you should not invest more money than you can afford to.