my first giveaway!


Yeah I know, finally right? hahaha... but hey, here we go now!
I love bracelet, love it so much! so I choose two for you all

I love love this summer charmbracelet, it's so cute!
I find this leaf bangle is so beautiful!
for this shoes, the size is about 35/36
so please only choose this shoes if it's fits your size
Love the shape and love the smell!
many people likes my bow belt on my previous post
so I decide to put this on giveaway, and it's the red one!
I love purple! and the leopard print are just so beautiful!
this scarf is even more beautiful in the real life!
cool necklace! I'm a necklaces collector myself
so I decide to choose this quirky necklace for you
hehehe, I even already put all the gift in a beautiful and cute box from lovely lace
so they will be ready to sent to your door :D

It's been like forever since I said that I want to make a giveaway, a 1 year birthday of my blog, check! more than 1000 followers ( still wooowwed about that till now) check! what else? hmm... I got to many things to celebrate and always want to make a giveaway to thank you all my readers, my followers, still here reading my blog, waiting my blog post ( which I know take a thousand years from one post to another post ) I know I'm such a bad bad blogger, a turtle blogger, but you still here anyhow. It's funny how some of your angry, dissapointed emails never fails to make me smile, yes, when you all angry and dissapointed when I'm not posting for a looooong time. But you know what? I already try my best to keep posting, so please bare my turtle side.

And oh, I'm a super newbie in this giveaway thing so not really sure how this thing is work, but I do some research about giveaway and what people do when they held a giveaway, so I think this is what you have to do to enter this giveaway :

1. choose, choose choose
this is a bad news, but you can only choose one. Choose which gift do you want the most, remember only one.

2. I want you to help me
here's the story, I have a facebook account and it blown me away that I have so much new friends that added me as a friend on facebook, so in kindda short time it's full. I've been planning to make second account, but you know me, I'm not really sure I can handle two account, and I also affraid that I will neglect the old one. And taking advice from many friends and readers I'm planning to make a group page ( hahaha, still feels weird, seriously I'm thinking like thousand times before I decide to write this ) so yeah, so many people advice me to do it. so help me decide, yes or no? yay or nay? and why?

2. tell the world about this giveaway
like all people said the more the merrier! please make a blogpost about this giveaway, don't forget to add the link of the post on your comment :) and oh you can tweet about this giveaway too! It will be wonderfull! (and don't forget to mention it on your comment)

3. No you do not have to follow me
but it will be awesome if you do! hehehe

that's all I guess. And oh, don't forget make sure you leave an email addres or a blog link so I know where I can find you if you turn out to be the winner. I will close this giveaway on 17 April 2010, and will announce the winner right after I read the comments and decide the winner, because no, I will not randomly choose, I will select and choose :) so please give me some time, but I promise I will be quick

and oh! I almost forgot! This giveaway it open to everyone worldwide!