sorry we're closed!


Halloha! yayy! thank you so so much for the participate on my giveaway, so glad knowing that you all love the gift that picked for you, but now sadly I have to announce that my giveaway is officially close now, and I won't accept any new entry after this post. :)

And now please give me some times to read all your comment and pick the winner, hahaha yes I will spend my saturday night to read your comment. I'll try to make an announcement as fast as I can, and I promise you I will announce the winner not later than Tuesday. So it might be 3 days from now, or it might be sooner :). I'll contact the winner by email ( if you add your email on your comment) or your blog. That's all I guess, now I have to search my glasses and start reading now, this is gonna be a long long night! May the best win. so... I guess night everybody!

*kisses to you all!